Pregnant women sitting on the couch

“For me, my baby comes first.”

Emma*, 29

Emma*, 29, is looking forward to the birth of her first child. She is four months pregnant. But she’s got one worry on her mind: the mother-to-be suffers from asthma.

She knows that this chronic illness can affect her pregnancy. “I’ve had bronchial asthma since I was 20. Some days it’s really bad, other times I have no symptoms for weeks. Now we’ve got a little one on the way and I’m really excited to hold her in my arms. But I’m concerned about my asthma. What if it gets worse? That could affect my unborn child. My doctor has tried to reassure me, because not all asthmatic women necessarily experience worse symptoms during pregnancy. On the other hand I know that in the event of a severe asthma attack, my baby will also get less oxygen.

FeNO measurement from the comfort of home

So I’m doing all I can to keep my symptoms in check, because the better I look after myself, the better it is for my baby. I came across Vivatmo me purely by chance when I was browsing the internet. The handy device measures the degree of inflammation in my lungs. It’s so quick and easy to use, even from the comfort of my couch. And not having to make a special trip to the doctor each time is a real bonus. Like this, I can regularly check my values and see straight away whether my medicine is working. It’s a reassuring feeling to know I can take the reading myself. It’s a good supplement to my asthma treatment.

Nip shortness of breath in the bud

No one can predict whether my asthma is going to get worse as my pregnancy progresses. But I guess I’m likely to experience more complications than my healthy girlfriends the rounder my belly gets.

That’s why it’s even more important for me to take care of my health than for other women. FeNO measurement with Vivatmo me helps me do this. I can use it on a daily basis and manage all my readings in an app. This gives me reassurance and I can see at an early stage if my vitals are deteriorating.

The best possible care for my baby

Of course, my doctor also helps me by prescribing appropriate medication. We’ve discussed my treatment during pregnancy together. And I only have to take as much as I really need. Knowing I’m taking the best possible care of my baby and myself gives me strength and confidence that everything will be OK.”

“The better I look after myself, the better it is for my baby.”

Emma*, 29 years

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