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Initial information

Woman holding Vivatmo <i>me</i> in her right hand, display shows values.

Why Vivatmo me?

The world’s first FeNO measuring device for home use supports you in the everyday management of your asthma.


Now that you can measure your own FeNO level in a few seconds at home, you will be able to plan your daily routine more reliably. You will always know exactly what your inflammation levels are.


Regularly measuring your inflammation values provides reliable data over a longer period of time, making it easier to see if your body is responding to medication and the dosage is correct. This way, your doctor can ensure you only take as much medicine as you actually need.


Vivatmo me fits in any purse and in any backpack. And it’s really easy to use, too: all you do is blow into the device and read off the values. So you know immediately what tasks you can and cannot tackle.

What distinguishes Vivatmo me from other devices you can use to self-monitor your lung function?

Woman at home sitting on couch and blowing in vivatmo me.

Your doctor may have recommended you use a peak-flow meter or a spirometer to monitor your allergic asthma at home. These aids allow you to check how well you can breathe. Because your asthma symptoms are triggered by constricted airways. But the real cause of your symptoms is the chronic inflammation of your lungs.

What happens when you take a measurement?

The Vivatmo breath analyser detects even the minutest traces of a specific inflammatory market in exhaled breath. The amount of this inflammatory marker – known as the FeNO value – indicates the degree of inflammation in your lungs when the measurement is taken.

The FeNO level is thus an objective indicator of how inflamed your lungs are.1-5 You no longer have to listen carefully to what your body is telling you or rely on guesswork – instead you simply take a measurement! Taking regular FeNO readings puts your asthma firmly on your radar, giving you more confidence in managing your disease!

Vivatmo <i>me</i> starter pack

Get to know Vivatmo me

Order the Vivatmo me starter pack here, including 10 additional mouthpieces and an 8-week return guarantee.

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