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Interpreting results

Patient holding Vivatmo meter in her hand. Vivatmo pro lying on doctor's desk in front of her. Doctor points to the screen with the Finder.

What do the FeNO values mean?

The Vivatmo device shows you whether your measured values are in the green, amber or red range. The trend arrow pointing upwards (∧) indicates a higher value than the previous reading. Conversely, the trend arrow pointing downwards (∨) shows declining values. This allows you to compare how you subjectively feel with measured inflammation values.
Vivatmo me measures what is known as the FeNO value. FeNO stands for “fractional exhaled nitric oxide (NO)”.

FeNO value table with traffic light colors and descriptions to classify the severity of asthma.
(The values are in accordance with the recommendations of the American Thoracic Society (ATS)) ¹

Traffic light display

Product illustration of the Vivatmo with traffic light display for Zuoorndung of the values, depending on the height.
Vivatmo me starter pack

Get to know Vivatmo me

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