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Vivatmo app

Your digital asthma diary

Vivatmo me

"Manage" your asthma with the Vivatmo app

The Vivatmo app enables you to manage your FeNO values, while also providing important information about your state of health, as well as a pollen forecast. You can present the monthly overview to your physician and together decide on the best way to manage your asthma.

The Vivatmo app at a glance:

The digital asthma diary is the ideal supplement to your Vivatmo me

Vivatmo app measurement
Vivatmo app forecast
Vivatmo app calendar
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  • Storage of FeNO values in the calendar
  • Smart diary feature
  • Overview of medication and state of health
  • Regional pollen forecast

The Vivatmo app is a digital asthma diary. The measured values recorded with Vivatmo me are simply transmitted to the app via Bluetooth. This means they can be retrieved at any time, for example when discussing the progression of the disease with your doctor. In addition, you can enter how you feel that day, what medication you have taken, or whether you have had an asthma attack. This allows you to see even days or weeks later what has influenced the course of your disease. However, the app not only manages measured values and health data. The current pollen forecast helps you to avoid possible allergy triggers and thus to prevent your condition from deteriorating. With the Vivatmo app, you are always optimally informed and have a handle on your asthma!

Benefits of the Vivatmo app

All data at a glance

The Vivatmo app gives you an overview of all your data:

  • FeNO values
  • Peak flow, medications and asthma attacks
  • Pollen calendar in cooperation with the University of Vienna

Automatic data transmission

You can transfer your measured values quickly and easily via Bluetooth from your Vivatmo me to your smartphone at the touch of a button.

Disease progression as PDF

You can save all your data as a PDF file, send it by e-mail, or print it out at any time. Like this, you can share your data with your doctor and keep them informed.


Vivatmo app receives PneumoDigital seal of quality by German Airway League


The Vivatmo app was evaluated as a health app by the German Airway League and received the PneumoDigital seal of quality. This is how the association honors pneumological apps that attach great importance on quality, trustworthiness and user-friendliness.

With the increasing importance of the Internet as a source of information, the number of digital health offers is also growing. It is therefore difficult for users to recognize which health apps are useful and trustworthy. For this reason, the German Airway League awards the PneumoDigital seal. It is intended to help users assess the quality and trustworthiness of pneumological apps.

"... Die (Vivatmo) App ist grafisch ansprechend gestaltet, verständlich und gut handhabbar. ... Kurze übersichtliche Einführungen erklären die App und auch das Messgerät. Das Tagebuch unterstützt die Patient*innen beim Umgang mit der Erkrankung. ..."

Read the review of the German Airway League

Vivatmo me starter pack

Vivatmo me starter pack

  • Vivatmo exhaled breath measurement device including 5 disposable mouthpieces (Vivatmo oxycaps)
  • Starter pack includes 10 additional disposable mouthpieces
  • Extended return policy of 8 weeks with full money-back guarantee
  • Free app with asthma diary and pollen information

Data privacy

Protection of your personal data is our top priority. We at Bosch have therefore set high standards concerning data security and data protection. Pseudonymization and the absence of user registration in the app ensure that we cannot associate your data with you.