An athlete is running through the woods.

“Being able to continue to do sports despite my asthma means everything to me!”

Andreas*, 35

Andreas* suffers from exercise-induced asthma. However, he no longer worries about having to give up running training because of this – also because he now closely monitors his inflammation values.

“For me, running through the woods is therapeutic. I jog every other day, and then I like to run my seven, eight kilometers. As a child I was overweight and got teased a lot. Then in my teens I discovered jogging. I dropped some weight and at last the girls began to notice me. My running made me strong. So I was all the more shocked when, at 18, I suffered my first asthma attack. My first thought was ‘there goes the sports’.

I suffer from exercise-induced asthma

Coping isn’t always easy. For a time, it really gnawed at my ego. Exercise-induced asthma means that when I exert myself physically, it brings on a coughing fit. This can even lead to an asthma attack! My doctor explained why: it’s because I breathe faster and my body loses fluids and heat. This changes something in the mucous membrane of my bronchi, causing an asthmatic reaction. The drier and colder the air I breathe and the more I exert myself, the worse the asthma can become.

After a few tests, my doctor gave me the green light. It’s OK for me to jog again, so long as the inflammation levels in my bronchial tubes don’t shoot up. Therefore it’s important to be on top of it so that I can adapt my sports regime accordingly.

Vivatmo me helps me plan my sporting activity

Thanks to my wife, I now have a device that makes planning my day easier. She gave it to me for my birthday. With Vivatmo me, I can measure my FeNO value myself. It’s really quick and easy. This means I no longer need to pay a visit to the doctor. I am very busy at work, we have two small children. Every spare minute is worth its weight in gold. And I like to use them for sports.

Endurance sports are good for asthmatics because they strengthen the breathing muscles. Asthmatics who, like me, do sports have fewer symptoms and are admitted to hospital less frequently with severe asthma attacks. Over time, sporty asthmatics also need significantly less medication. However, not all sports are suitable: jogging, swimming, hiking, gymnastics, dance, cycling are all good because they use many muscle groups and work the body evenly. I always do a good warm-up and never start from zero to a hundred. Sprints aren’t my thing, I run at a steady pace. And if it’s very cold outside, I stay home.

FeNO measurement at home has made me more relaxed again: it helps me get back in control. I feel better able to cope with the disease and do sports whenever I can.”

“For me, running through the woods is therapeutic.”

Andreas*, 35 years

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