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Vivatmo me

The world’s first FeNO measuring device for home use

Vivatmo me

My asthma radar for all situations

This is how Vivatmo me works

With Vivatmo me, you will feel more confident and in control of your asthma. With the world’s first patient device for FeNO measurement, you can:

  • Measure the degree of inflammation of your airways from the comfort of your own home
  • See if you are responding to your medication
  • Support your doctor more actively in the management of your therapy.

With the Vivatmo me measuring device, you determine the so-called FeNO value, which gives you an indication of the current degree of inflammation of your airways. In addition, the FeNO values enable your doctor to help you manage your asthma in the best possible way.

What does Vivatmo me do?

In just a few seconds, Vivatmo me measures the level of an inflammatory marker in your exhaled breath, the so-called FeNO value. This gives you an indication of the current degree of inflammation in your lungs. The regular measurements help you monitor the course of your asthma. Parallel to this, you can also keep an asthma diary with the help of the Vivatmo app.

Woman measures with Vivatmo in living room

How does FeNO measurement at home work?

You may already be familiar with FeNO measurement using the Vivatmo pro device at your doctor’s practice. At home, the procedure is the same. Hold the device like a flute and breathe out evenly through the disposable mouthpiece. The LED display on the Vivatmo me shows you whether you are blowing too gently, too hard, or just right. The measurement only takes a few seconds and the results are available immediately. FeNO measurement is quick, easy, and stress-free.

Vivatmo me with app and results

What happens with your readings?

You can manage your readings in the device or using the free Vivatmo app - your digital asthma diary. Like this, you can see all the important parameters relating to your asthma at a glance:

  • Medication
  • Symptoms
  • Peak flow values
  • Regional pollen count information
FeNO compared with peak flow

What is the advantage compared with peak-flow measurement?

The peak-flow values indicate whether and how severely your airways are narrowed by measuring the effect of the inflammation on your bronchial tubes. An objective assessment of the actual degree of inflammation is only possible to a limited extent.

The FeNO value on the other hand provides an objective measurement variable for the actual condition of your bronchial tubes. This makes it possible to detect changes earlier, before the effects are felt, and enables your doctor to adjust therapy measures and monitor their effectiveness sooner.

Patient and doctor with Vivatmo

How does Vivatmo me help me and my physician?

A number of scientific studies have shown that regular FeNO measurement for monitoring allergic inflammation helps to control the progression of the disease. In addition, the FeNO values provide your doctor with information about whether medication has been correctly dosed or correctly and regularly taken. FeNO-based follow-up supports therapy management and can help reduce the frequency of asthma attacks.1,2

How to perform measurements with Vivatmo me?

Vivatmo me with its mouthpiece looks a bit like a flute. The mouthpiece is shaped so that users can close their lips around it in a relaxed manner. This optimally supports the desired breathing maneuver and enables controlled, slow, and constant exhalation.

Using Vivatmo is self-explanatory, quick, and easy. However, you may need some practice to start with if you are not familiar with FeNO measurement from a doctor’s visit, as the breathing maneuver differs significantly from spirometry or peak flow measurement.

Performing the measurement

Breathe in slowly through the mouth and then breathe out evenly through the mouthpiece into the Vivatmo handheld.

If the LED indicator lights up yellow, you are blowing a little too gently, if it lights up red, you are blowing too hard. Blue means the exhalation is just right and must be held for a few seconds.

The result is shown on the display immediately after performing the measurement. The traffic light classification shows you the range of your FeNO value.

Traffic light display

Traffic light display

The default setting is the threshold values contained in the asthma guidelines for adults:

  • Green = normal range
  • Amber = elevated value that may need to be interpreted with your doctor
  • Red = the measurement result indicates conspicuous inflammation values

Everyone is different. The traffic light values can be individually adapted in consultation with your doctor. In addition, an arrow pointing up or down indicates a trend showing relevant deviations (from 10 ppb) compared with previous measured values.

From doctor’s practice to your own home

Measuring the NO content in exhaled breath is only possible with special highly sensitive and precise measuring devices. Until now, such complex devices have only been available in specialist practices and clinics.

With Vivatmo me, we at Bosch Healthcare Solutions are now bringing recognized exhaled breath measurement from the physician’s office straight into patients’ homes.

In this, we can draw on the core competencies of the entire Bosch Group. Together with our colleagues from the Bosch campus for research and advance engineering in Renningen and the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart, we have developed a small, handy, and high-tech measuring device for quick and easy exhaled gas measurement at home: Vivatmo me for asthmatics!

True to our slogan “Invented for life”, our aim with Vivatmo me is to create a solution that sustainably improves your quality of life. Vivatmo me can easily be integrated into your daily routine, is quick and easy to use, and is designed to help you better manage your asthma.

From doctor’s practice to your own home

The innovative Vivatmo me system

The new dimension in asthma self-management

Vivatmo me starter pack

Get to know Vivatmo me

Order the Vivatmo me starter pack here, including 10 additional mouthpieces and an 8-week return guarantee.

1 Petsky et al. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2016;9:CD011440
2 Essat et al. Eur Respir J 2016;47:751-68
3 Prof. Dr. med. Felix Herth, Medical Director of Thoraxklinik Heidelberg, University Hospital Heidelberg, 2016