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In consultation with primary care physicians

A doctor shows the Vivatmo app to a woman sitting with him, who is holding the Vivatmo device in her hand.

Practical support for therapy

Over the long term, FeNO measurement at home can ideally lead to a reduction in medication. Vivatmo me delivers valuable additional information for you and your doctor. Your doctor can follow the course of your measured values directly on the Vivatmo device or in the practical Vivatmo app. They can use this information about your airway inflammation to draw conclusions for planning your therapy and, where appropriate, to increase or decrease the dose. Or prescribe different medication accordingly. In addition to how you feel subjectively, there is now an objective measurement that can be drawn on.

Information for physicians

Vivatmo me for home use can help your patients get a better handle on their asthma. By taking regular FeNO measurements at home and jointly monitoring the progression of inflammation, your patients can develop a better understanding of their asthma. Like this, you both gain valuable additional insight and increase satisfaction levels!

Helpful-looking doctor sitting at desk.
Vivatmo me starter pack

Get to know Vivatmo me

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