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Asthma – digitally under control

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Digital self-management solutions make your everyday life with asthma easier

Smartphone and smartwatch for self-tracking, fitness bracelet, training apps: digital helpers make you fit and optimize your daily routine. Your asthma self-management can be seamlessly integrated.

The better your self-management works, the more precisely you can assess your health status with your doctor and prevent asthma attacks. Self-management is particularly effective with the help of digital diaries, devices, and practical apps for smartphones. We want to give you an overview here.

Digital devices for therapy support

Regular monitoring of the bronchial tubes and an asthma diary that is as comprehensive as possible contribute to the success of asthma therapy. As is optimally effective medication. Additional digitally supported devices complement the asthma management.

Digital FeNO home measuring device: Vivatmo me

Digital FeNO home measuring device: Vivatmo me

Inflammation of the respiratory tract results in the formation of nitric oxide (NO) in the mucous membranes. Measuring the exhaled NO (FeNO values) enables the inflammation value in the bronchial tubes to be determined directly.

Until now, FeNO measurement was only possible in the clinical setting. Digital asthma self-management is complemented by the Vivatmo app. The data is automatically transferred to the Vivatmo app via Bluetooth and stored in a diary.

Information, assistance and digital helpers

Digital peak-flow meter

With the help of the peak-flow meter (mechanical or digital), the narrowing of the bronchial tubes can be checked at home. The exhalation rate is used to determine the degree of bronchial constriction.

Digital peak-flow meters support the user and can automatically store the peak-flow values. The result is checked by the instrument with an individually adapted traffic light system. Patient and doctor can retrieve the values or transfer to apps.

Smart inhalers

The intake of asthma medication using asthma inhalers is a central component of asthma treatment. However, correct use of the inhalers is important. In the worst case, incorrect use can lead to the medication being insufficiently absorbed by the lungs or not absorbed at all, and therefore not being able to work. To counter this, digital inhalers have been developed, which support the correct application by means of sensors and document via apps.

Biofeedback – breathing training with digital support

Our breathing directly reflects our state of health and mind. When we are stressed or suffering from asthma, we don’t breathe properly. However, this can be improved by targeted training. Either with classic breathing exercises or with a biofeedback device. A strap with a sensor around the chest measures your breathing; the app provides training instructions, gives feedback via video, music, audio, vibration, and clearly displays the results.

Digital spirometer

The spirometer checks lung function, similar to the peak-flow meter. The spirometer essentially measures the volume of air and the velocity of exhaled air. These pulmonary function parameters show doctor and patient how the lungs are functioning and performing.

Doctors use spirometry to diagnose asthma and other serious lung diseases. The digital spirometer for home use is mainly used in the case of severe asthma or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). It stores the values in a digital diary directly in the device.

Fitness trackers

Not only are regular exercise and sports possible for asthmatics, they are also important for maintaining or improving their general state of health. Fitness trackers, from a simple pedometer or step counter to a fitness watch with an app connection, help to encourage regular exercise and monitor pulse, blood pressure, calorie consumption, and even sleep, to choose the right training program, get coached and thus stay motivated. Those who wish can connect to a community via tracker.

Combined asthma management apps

There are, of course, also dedicated apps especially for asthmatics, which are tailored to the special requirements of the illness. Deutsche Atemwegsliga e.V. (the German Airway League) tests these pneumological apps and awards the PneumoDigital seal.

Vivatmo app

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The Vivatmo app offers numerous functions for optimal asthma management. The core is the digital asthma diary. In combination with the FeNO measuring device Vivatmo me, the app stores the measured FeNO values in the diary. The measured values recorded by Vivatmo me can easily be transferred to the app via Bluetooth and managed in a clearly structured manner. Together with other health information, for example how well you are feeling, which medication you took, or your asthma symptoms, the course of the disease can be documented and used in consultation with your doctor for therapy management.

In addition, an up-to-date pollen forecast provides information on the pollen count and thus helps to avoid allergy triggers. After enabling the location setting, the pollen load is automatically communicated.

Vivatmo app functions:

  • Save your FeNO measurements in the calendar
  • Smart diary function
  • Regional pollen information
  • Overview of medication and state of health

Vivatmo app in the store:

Awarded the PneumoDigital seal


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App for inhalation aid

There are apps which give support for the use of a metered-dose aerosol. These apps (e.g. Kata) support the correct use of inhaled medication. The most important steps exhalation, inhalation, holding breath and breathing out are explained. The apps often provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

More information on PneumoDigital

Pollen flight apps

Anyone suffering from allergic asthma is particularly stressed during the pollen season. Pollen flight apps show the current pollen count and offer forecasts for your location. This allows you to adapt your activities, for example sports, and your medication to the current load levels. Here is a selection of helpful apps.

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Pollen flight apps

Pollen flight apps provide information about the current regional pollution caused by pollen and usually also provide forecast values ​​for the next few days.

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Vivatmo app

The Vivatmo app is not just a pollen information app, but rather, as a digital asthma diary, offers in addition the possibility of documenting and managing FeNO measured values ​​and other health data.

The Vivatmo app was evaluated as a health app by the German Airway League and received the PneumoDigital seal of quality.


Learning to inhale through play

There are game apps for children with asthma (e.g. Rafi Tone). Children playfully learn how to use an inhaler with spacer and whistle mask. The game reacts to the sound of the whistle mask when the child breathes properly.

The PneumoDigital seal

Many thousands of health apps are now available on the market. It can be assumed that the range of apps on offer will continue to increase.

The PneumoDigital seal is awarded by Deutsche Atemwegsliga e.V. (German Airway League) together with cooperation partners. It is intended to provide users with orientation among the wide range of pneumological health apps on offer and enable them to assess their quality and trustworthiness.

Vivatmo me starter pack

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