Barbara’s experiences with Vivatmo me

“I want my child to feel relaxed despite his asthma”


Barbara* knew almost nothing about asthma until her son was suddenly diagnosed. How do you get a handle on asthma? This is a question she asks herself every day. Then she discovered Vivatmo me. The handy device offers valuable support and peace of mind, also for her as a parent.

She knows that this chronic illness can affect her pregnancy. “I’ve had bronchial asthma since I was 20. Some days it’s really bad, other times I have no symptoms for weeks. Now we’ve got a little one on the way and I’m really excited to hold her in my arms. But I’m concerned about my asthma. What if it gets worse? That could affect my unborn child. My doctor has tried to reassure me, because not all asthmatic women necessarily experience worse symptoms during pregnancy. On the other hand I know that in the event of a severe asthma attack, my baby will also get less oxygen.

Sudden diagnosis of asthma

“When my son was three, he suddenly developed a persistent cough. After countless visits to the doctor, we realized he had asthma. I was in shock: what does this mean? How would we deal with it? At the time I knew nothing at all about asthma. I was overcome at first by a sense of complete helplessness. Then I started to search the internet for information and quizzed our pediatrician. I wanted to understand what was happening in Julian’s body and also whether he would still be able to play soccer despite his asthma. My son’s health is paramount to me –constantly worrying about him really got me down for a long time.

Asthma management takes center stage

Now 12 years old, my son’s passion is playing goalkeeper. But he often notices he doesn’t have as much stamina as the other players on his team. In addition to the problems with pollen, he began suffering from exercise-induced asthma. As soon as he exerts himself too much, he gets a coughing fit. I feel so sorry for him, so I do everything I can to help him keep up and live as normal a life as possible. We did a special training course in asthma management with him to learn how to better cope with the disease.

Fear of getting it wrong

Today I can say that my son is coping well with his illness. I’m so proud of him. Julian sometimes gets a bit frustrated that he can’t always keep up in soccer as he would like. I’m often worried. Am I doing everything right? Is there more I could do? Where should we go on vacation?

FeNO measurement at home is a huge relief

Recently, a neighbor asked me about Julian and gave me a great tip. She had read on the internet that you can measure the level of inflammation in your lungs yourself. That there’s a special device for that. Till then, we only knew about FeNO measurement from the doctor. So I got onto it and discovered Vivatmo me. Now we can perform the measurement at home, which is a huge relief for us. As a mother, of course I want to know how my child is doing when he leaves for school in the morning or sports practice in the afternoon. Thanks to Vivatmo me, we now know exactly how badly inflamed his bronchial tubes are. After consulting the doctor, we can adjust the dose of his medication at any time should he need more.

Regular measurements

Having a better understanding of what’s happening in his lungs thanks to FeNO measurement is very reassuring. Of course I ask Julian every morning how he’s feeling. But sure, if he wants to play soccer, he’s bound to say he’s in top shape. And obviously I can’t be around him all day. After taking the measurement it’s easy to transmit the values to my mobile with the help of a special app that works like an asthma diary. You can also enter peak flow data and find out the current pollen count.

Understanding asthma better

Moms of sick children often feel they are left to struggle on their own and are quickly branded as over-protective, while all we want to do is help our kids. We want to understand and where possible manage the disease better. We’re really glad we now have the home measuring device. It certainly makes life a lot easier. I’m very relieved that my Julian now has a better handle on his asthma.”

“The better I look after myself, the better it is for my baby.”


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