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Vivatmo oxycap

More than just a mouthpiece

Vivatmo me

What is Vivatmo oxycap?

The Vivatmo oxycap is not only a disposable mouthpiece; it is also used for sample preparation. This means exhaled breath is processed and prepared for measurement in the mouthpiece.


Chemical sample preparation

Mouthpiece oxycap function

Several different chemical layers in the mouthpiece filter the exhaled breath in multiple ways, which reduces

  • moisture in the sample,
  • removes interfering substances and gases,
  • and converts nitric oxide (NO) to nitrogen dioxide (NO2).
Oxycap layers

Vivatmo oxycap 5 piece pack

Standard disposable mouthpiece for FeNO measurement with Vivatmo.

oxycap 5 piece pack

We are going CO₂-neutral


Responsibility means climate protection.

Thus, we will make a further contribution to climate protection with the carbon-neutral positioning of the Vivatmo oxycap consumer product.