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Vivatmo Asthma Magazine Live better with asthma

A woman and a man are walking through the nature. The man carries a girl on his shoulders.

Interesting facts about asthma

Find helpful tips and information that can help you manage the disease and live better with asthma.

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10 asthma exercises for asthmatics

More power for your bronchial tubes: breathing exercises train your lungs and can help to relieve the distress you feel even during an acute asthma attack. Here we present ten exercises.

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Asthma – digitally under control

Smartphone and smart watch for self-tracking, fitness bracelet, training apps: digital helpers make you fit and optimize your daily routine. Your asthma self-management can be seamlessly integrated.

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Sport with asthma

Moderate, appropriate exercise helps alleviate asthma symptoms. Learn what you need to pay special attention to when taking physical exercise.

More topics

 woman is sitting on a bed in a doctor's office. Across from her is a doctor who is listening to her chest with a stethoscope.

Information about asthma

Here, asthma patients or their relatives can find an informative overview of the lung disease bronchial asthma. Learn what asthma is, how asthma is diagnosed, and what therapies and treatment options are available.