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Our Vivatmo me asthma radar

For more confidence in coping with asthma.

Children with asthma

So your child feels less restricted in their daily activities despite their asthma

child in the park

With Vivatmo me it’s easy to determine the degree of inflammation in your child’s airways. They simply blow into the device for a few seconds and the value appears in the display. This may be giving you a peace of mind when your child goes out to play or do sport. The device is suitable for children from the age of 7.

Fits in any back pack and is child’s play to use

The device sits comfortably in the hand and measures your child’s FeNO value at home or on the move. It’s simplicity itself to use and provides reliable results in seconds.

Barbara describes her son’s experiences with the device

“I want my child to feel relaxed despite his asthma”

Mother and child with bikes

Barbara knew almost nothing about asthma until her son was suddenly diagnosed. How do you get a handle on asthma? This is a question she asks herself every day. She discovered Vivatmo me purely by chance. The handy device helps her keep a check on how her son is doing.

Protecting your child’s health

Protecting your child’s health

Regular FeNO measurement helps to mitigate long-term effects by allowing you to closely monitor the measurement results, enabling your doctor to adjust the level of medication accordingly and check how well the patient is responding. 1,2

For a better understanding of the disease

For a better understanding of the disease

Regular FeNO measurements enable you and your doctor to better observe and assess the progression of the disease, so that your child can react faster under parental and doctor’s supervision.

Enhancing quality of life

Enhancing quality of life

Especially for children with asthma, it’s important to be able to feel relaxed. Taking FeNO measurements at home possibly means less additional doctor’s visits and more scope to plan your free time. It may also help you and your child to judge how much sport and play they can manage.

Order online

You can easily order your Vivatmo me, the world’s first FeNO measuring device for home use, and the bespoke disposable mouthpieces here.

How Vivatmo me works

Children from the age of 7 can usually manage the breathing maneuver with no problem. Your child simply breathes out through the mouthpiece as if they were playing the flute. The LED display on the device shows you whether your child is breathing too gently, too hard, or just right. The traffic light colors show you the range of your child’s FeNO value. This helps you and your child decide how much physical exertion they can take today.

Answers to frequently asked questions

From what age can children use Vivatmo me?

Measurement with Vivatmo me requires the patient to cooperate by breathing out into the device through a disposable mouthpiece. The patient should be at least 7 years old and able to manage the breathing maneuver.

Is FeNO measurement stressful for my child?

FeNO measurement is simple, non-invasive and stress-free for your child. Initially, they may need to practice the breathing maneuver a couple of times to get it right. But they’ll soon get the hang of it. All they need to do is breathe out evenly for 10 seconds through the single-use mouthpiece into the device. This measures the inflammatory market NO (nitric oxide) in their exhaled breath and doesn’t pose any risk to your child. Even if they inadvertently breathe in again via the mouthpiece no harmful chemicals or germs can enter their airways.

What must I observe before taking the measurement?

If possible, take the measurement at the same time of day, preferably in the morning before taking any medication. Under you will find a video guide to using the device.

We recommend performing the measurement sitting down. The following conditions can influence the measurement results or cause problems or malfunction of the Vivatmo me device or the mouthpiece:

  • Smoking or tobacco consumption up to 30 minutes prior to measurement
  • Eating or drinking just before taking the measurement
  • High levels of physical exertion
  • Rooms with high air pollution, open flames (e.g. gas cooker) or smoke (e.g. from the consumption of tobacco)
  • Contact and penetration of moisture or liquids

Can I reduce the number of my child’s doctor’s visits with the help of Vivatmo me?

Regular medical check-ups are the basis of any good asthma treatment and the Vivatmo me device cannot be a substitute for a doctor. However, well-managed and individually adjusted asthma therapy should be able to keep exacerbations and acute flare-ups at bay, avoiding the need for unplanned or emergency doctor’s visits.

Order online

Order online

You can easily order your Vivatmo me, the world’s first FeNO measuring device for home use, and the bespoke disposable mouthpieces here.