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“My goal is to be able to perform at my best without limitations.”


Julius suffers from allergic asthma, the most common form of the disease that is triggered by allergies. Consequently, he is most afflicted during allergy season – in his case usually mid-May to June. However, thanks to stabilization and control of the disease through medication, and regular measurement of his inflammation values using the Vivatmo me device, Julius’ asthma hardly troubles him anymore.

As a sports-loving teenager, Julius had suffered from a persistent cough that he was unable to completely shake off for several years. At one point, he even underwent a prolonged but ultimately ineffective course of treatment for whooping cough. Doing sport was out of the question during that time, and the uncertainty was not only a problem for Julius, but for his family as well. When Julius was finally diagnosed with asthma by a lung specialist when he was in his late twenties, he was almost relieved. “Of course, I was scared of an actual asthma attack, which fortunately I’ve never suffered. But on the other hand, it was reassuring to at last have a diagnosis and learn how to live with it.”

Diagnosed with asthma

A diagnosis of asthma is not uncommon. As a widespread disease, this chronic inflammatory disorder can affect anyone: adults, teenagers and children – at any time and in all spheres of life. Julius Ise, a blogger and fitness coach, is no exception. Julius is a successful athlete who has even turned his hobby into a profession, helping other people to achieve their sports and fitness goals. He trains for three hours, five times a week. Meanwhile, during these peak periods, Julius is aware of the limitations his asthma can cause. Especially when it comes to endurance sessions, “my lungs simply take longer to warm up,” Julius explains.

Stay active with asthma: Sport makes you more resilient and strengthens the respiratory muscles

“My biggest worry was having to cut back on sports,” Julius admits. But in fact, as is most often the case, he didn’t need to at all. Being diagnosed with asthma doesn’t of itself mean that sports are off the agenda – quite the opposite. Julius’ doctor – an asthmatic and athlete himself – also saw no reason for Julius to cut back, but encouraged him to carry on as normal. After all, sport makes the body more resilient and even strengthens the respiratory muscles. Patients can adjust their asthma meds individually in consultation with their lung specialist, allowing them to carry on practicing sport.

For Julius, there was no difference between power training and his new passion, high-intensity CrossFit. Although – that’s not strictly true: When he first started with CrossFit, he often blamed it on his asthma when he ran slower or couldn’t manage all the repeats. “But that wasn’t really it. In truth I simply wasn’t fit enough in the beginning,” he admits with a laugh.

Especially for patients with respiratory diseases, sports are an important part of therapy. Endurance sports in particular, but also moderate weight training, are important for strengthening the cardiovascular system and thus also improving the respiratory situation.

Dr. med. Alexander Rupp, Internal Medicine, Pneumology, Allergology, Addiction Medicine and Emergency Medicine in Stuttgart, Germany

Support with the Vivatmo me home measuring device

With the help of the Vivatmo me FeNO home measuring device from Bosch, Julius realized that it was not his asthma that was causing him problems, but his overall fitness. The allergic inflammation associated with asthma produces nitric oxide (NO, or rather FeNO) in the airways of asthmatics like Julius. The NO concentration can easily be measured as an inflammation marker in exhaled breath. The reading shows Julius the current degree of inflammation in his lungs, allowing him to stay in control. This is particularly important in the spring, when his asthma affects him most.

“By taking regular measurements at home, I know exactly how high or low my inflammation levels are, in other words, how severe my asthma is at any given time. That gives me much more confidence.”

Keep your asthma in check and stay at the top of your game

Twice a year, Julius goes to his lung specialist for a check-up, including a lung function test. At the doctor’s practice, the level of inflammation in his lungs (FeNO value) is also measured. Meanwhile, Julius takes along the FeNO readings he has taken at home and shows them to his doctor, who then has a seamless record of the values from the previous months. One practical feature for Julius is that the measured values are automatically transmitted to the corresponding app on his smartphone. The diary function also allows Julius to respond more specifically to his doctor’s inquiries, because he can quickly and easily document his symptoms and possible causes, such as heavy pollen counts.

Julius is a good example of how it is possible to excel even at sports despite a diagnosis of asthma. The usually low readings confirmed by his Vivatmo me give him the confidence to start his next workout full of vigor and drive instead of anxiety. Something he takes full advantage of: Julius trains at least once a day, five times a week, pursuing a mix of CrossFit, HIT, circle and power training.

Thanks to stabilization and control of the disease through medication and regular measurement of his inflammation values using the Vivatmo me device, Julius is more than grateful that his asthma hardly troubles him anymore: “My goal is to be able to perform at my best without limitations.”

The inflammation in the airways caused by TH2 cells, i.e. special white blood cells that particularly play an important role in asthma, can be monitored well with NO measurement and the therapy can be optimally controlled for the patient on the basis of the measured values.

Dr. med. Alexander Rupp, Internal Medicine, Pneumology, Allergology, Addiction Medicine and Emergency Medicine in Stuttgart, Germany

Story of athlete and asthmatic Julius Ise

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