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The digital asthma diary

Close-up of smartphone with Vivatmo app open.

How to manage my asthma with the Vivatmo app?

You can manage your readings with the Vivatmo app. This free app offers numerous functions for optimum asthma management. The core is the digital asthma diary, including pollen information.

The measured values recorded by the Vivatmo device can easily be transferred to the app via Bluetooth and presented in a clearly structured manner.

Along with other health information, such as

  • how well you are feeling on the day in question,
  • which medications you took or
  • what your asthma symptoms or peak-flow values were,

the course of the disease can be documented and used in consultation with your doctor for therapy management.

Cell phone with open reminder function and other functions of Vivatmo app.

In addition, the app provides an up-to-date pollen forecast for your region and thus helps you to avoid allergy triggers. After enabling the location setting, you will automatically receive information about the pollen load.

The Vivatmo app has been awarded the PneumoDigital seal of the Deutsche Atemwegsliga e.V. This seal is intended to provide users with orientation among the wide range of pneumological health apps on offer and enable them to assess their quality and trustworthiness.

Blue Graphic Pneumo Digital Seal
Vivatmo me starter pack

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