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How you can benefit

Mother with son standing in kitchen, son blowing in Vivatmo me.

Asthmatics often find it difficult to assess the degree of inflammation in their bronchial tubes themselves. FeNO readings provide you with an objective measurement. The Vivatmo breath analyser now offers you the possibility of measuring this value quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home. You can determine it anytime, anywhere – even when traveling.

Regular FeNO measurement helps you and your doctor optimally adjust your therapy.

Dosing your meds just right

The physician points to the screen while the patient is taking measurements with Vivatmo. The patient's son is sitting at the doctor's desk.

Regular FeNO measurement helps you optimally adjust your therapy in consultation with your doctor. This way, you can ensure you only take as much medicine as you actually need.

Keeping the disease in check

FeNO measurement allows you to regularly monitor the extent of respiratory inflammation. This can help to reduce acute asthma episodes. A worsening of the inflammation is indicated by increased values1, allowing your doctor to adjust your therapy at an early stage, for example by increasing the dose of your medication.

Close-up of patient holding Vivatmo me in left hand, smartphone with asthma app open in right hand.

Start the day confidently

Woman at home sitting on couch and blowing in Vivatmo me while son is playing.

Some days you may be unsure of what tasks you can and cannot tackle. Regularly measuring the inflammation value can help you better plan your day-to-day activities. Knowing the value can give you reassurance and boost your confidence.

Visualizing improvements

Keeping a record of your FeNO values allows you to track how your body is responding to your anti-inflammatory meds. This can be of interest, for example if you’ve been prescribed a new treatment or generally want to adjust the dosage in consultation with your doctor. 2,3

Close-up of patient holding Vivatmo me in her left hand, doctor indicates evaluation with ballpoint pen.
Vivatmo me starter pack

Get to know Vivatmo me

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1 Essat et al. Eur Respir J 2016;47:751-68
2 Dweik et al. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2011;184:602-15
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