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Vivatmo Asthma Magazine Information about asthma

A woman is sitting on a bed in a doctor's office. Across from her is a doctor who is listening to her chest with a stethoscope.

Interesting facts about asthma

Interesting facts about the lung disease asthma. Learn about causes, diagnosis, treatment, and implications for specific groups of people or life situations.

A woman is using an inhaler in her hand.

What is asthma?

In asthmatics, the bronchial tubes become hypersensitive due to chronic inflammation. Learn more about chronic inflammation of the airways here.

A man is sitting on a couch. He has placed his right hand on his chest, with his left hand he is holding an inhaler to his lips.

The different types of asthma

Asthma is a disease whose symptoms have very different manifestations from one individual to another. You can read about the different forms of asthma here.

Patient and doctor during asthma diagnosis and follow-up

Asthma diagnosis and follow-up

Whether a patient has asthma and what type of asthma they are suffering from must be diagnosed by a specialist. Learn everything you need to know from detailed diagnosis to individual asthma therapy.

A woman is lifting up a girl. They are smiling and hugging each other.

Your child has asthma

Asthma is unfortunately not uncommon in children. How you can tell if your child has asthma and what you can do about it is explained here.

A heavily pregnant woman is sitting on a sofa. Her left hand is resting on her round belly.

Asthma in pregnancy

If your asthma is well controlled, there’s nothing standing in the way of pregnancy. Read here how you can best protect yourself and your child.

More topics

A woman and a man are walking through the nature. The man carries a girl on his shoulders.

Live better with asthma

Read interesting authentic stories about living with asthma. Find helpful tips and up-to-date information to help you get a better handle on the condition.