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With Vivatmo me for home use we aim to show you how small victories can make a big difference. Following our claim “Invented for life”, we create solutions that significantly improve people’s quality of life.

Similar to blood glucose measurement in diabetics, regular NO measurement simplifies the monitoring of airway inflammation and offers some additional valuable benefits:

The additionally generated measured values enable your doctor to better understand the course of the inflammation. As a result, the therapy can be optimized in terms of drug selection and dosage1,2,3 and an improvement in adherence can be achieved as well.4,5 Furthermore your self-management is encouraged6 and you have better control over your symptoms7 which can help to reduce exacerbations.8

Qualities that make Vivatmo unique


Easy and intuitive usage

  • The flute-like and ergonomically shaped mouthpiece ensures reliable and easy lip closure.
  • Exhalation with slight counter-pressure ensures closure of the velum which prevents mixture with NO from upper airways.


Innovative measuring module

  • Highly precise sensor technology measures NO₂ with high specificity and sensitivity.
  • Smart algorithm based translation and correction of measured NO values in parts per billion (ppb).


Mouthpiece for sophisticated sample preparation

  • Complex setup with different chemical layers for preparation of breath sample.
  • Elimination of inhibiting interfering respiratory gas elements.
  • Sample dehumidification.


User-friendly readout and display

  • Measurement procedure is prompted via display and LED indicators.
  • New and saved readings are clearly presented.
  • Mesured value is evaluated via a traffic light classification.

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