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General information

FeNO (fractional exhaled nitric oxide) is a biomarker for eosinophile airway inflammation and reflects the inflammatory activity of allergic bronchial asthma. The new Vivatmo device from Bosch Healthcare measures the NO concentration in exhaled breath.

The quick, painless and noninvasive analysis method is a reliable way of monitoring allergic airway inflammation in asthma patients.

Numerous studies1 verify the importance of FeNO measurement in delivering diagnosis confirmation and a prognosis of response to treatment with inhaled corticosteroids (ICS).

Regular FeNO measurement simplifies monitoring of airway inflammation and improves patients’ adherence to ICS treatment. FeNO-based therapy management can therefore help them to keep better track of their asthma2. The measurement at home allows patients to monitor their condition and adapt their behavior accordingly.

¹ Dweik et al. 2011, Karrasch et al. 2016

² Harnan et al. 2015


Vivatmo pro

Most intuitive and maintenance-free device for practices and clinics

Not for sale – pending CE certification

Thanks to the easy measuring procedure and intuitive use, Vivatmo pro can be perfectly integrated into the workflow of the professional practice. After the measurement the results are immediately available to confirm the diagnosis or to monitor the applied therapy. For you, this means better effectiveness and control, as well as greater efficiency through optimum care of patients suffering from eosiniophilic airway inflammation.


Facts at a glance:

  • FeNO has a high predictive value for the response of the inflammatory mediators to inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) ⁴
  • The cordless measuring device is easily transportable thanks to inductive charge management
  • Optimum integration into practice workflows thanks to an easy measurement and intuitive user guidance
  • Maintenance-free system with a long lifetime designed for a high measurement frequency
  • Integration into the practice and clinic IT environment via HL7 or GDT interface

⁴ Dweik et al. 2011

Vivatmo me

The world’s first FeNO measuring device for home use

Not for sale – pending CE certification

With Vivatmo me asthma patients are more flexible and have a better understanding of their condition. The high level of acceptance is the result of innovative sensor technology made in Germany and ease of use, allowing asthma patients to lead a more active and relaxed life.


The facts at a glance:

  • Patients obtain information about the degree of their airway inflammation³
  • The easy-to-use device integrates smoothly into patients’ everyday life
  • The measured values can be transmitted to a smartphone via Bluetooth
  • The stored values can be shared with the patient’s doctor in consise form
  • Regular measurement or testing allows better management of the condition, which can help to optimize therapy and improve adherence

³ Dweik et al. 2011

Vivatmo app

As an ideal add-on, we recommend the new Vivatmo app to complement Vivatmo me. This helps asthma patients keep even closer track of their condition. The device automatically records the measured values, while the app enables the patient to retrieve them at all times. Thanks to this practical diary feature, patients always have their current values to hand, for example for a discussion about their condition on their next doctor’s visit. What’s more, the app also provides information about the current pollen count and other relevant factors. For more confidence in your everyday life.

Available from early 2017 in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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Our Vivatmo pro products can be purchased via our distribution partners only.

Please send us your request to info@vivatmo.com and we will forward your request to our distribution partner.

This information is avaliable from our distribution partners only. Please send us your request to info@vivatmo.com and we will forward this to our distribution partner.


Please contact us via info@vivatmo.com or contact your distributor directly.


Please contact us via info@vivatmo.com or contact your distributor directly.


Please read and follow the instructions in the manual first. If you can not solve your issue please contact us at info@vivatmo.com.


Our Vivatmo me products can be purchased via our distribution partners only.


No, the costs are not yet covered by health insurance.


Yes, after installing the Vivatmo me app.


Regular purchase of disposable mouthpieces, occasional replacement of batteries.


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