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The world’s first FeNO measuring device for home use

Vivatmo me allows asthma patients to measure the degree of airway inflammation at home. Regular measurement with Vivatmo me gives patients valuable information on the course of the disease. This allows patients to better understand how lifestyle habits and therapy affect the allergic inflammation and their state of health, and can decisively improve their adherence to treatment. You, as their physician, also benefit, because the additional recorded values allow you to perform a conclusive evaluation of the disease and individually adapt the therapy to the patient.1,2

These features make Vivatmo me a unique solution:
Compact and mobile measuring unit that is maintenance-free, cordless and easy to use.

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The benefits of Vivatmo me

Patients obtain their FeNO reading directly after taking the measurement. This shows the current degree of airway inflammation, including a trend if this differs clearly from previous readings.

  • Simple traffic light display to help interpret the inflammation value.
  • Handy, mobile, and user-friendly device integrates smoothly into patients’ everyday life.
  • Regular analysis of the airways allows for better management of the inflammatory process in asthma, which can help to optimize therapy and improve adherence.

Use of Vivatmo me

Traffic light scale for interpretation of the measuring results

ATS recommendation

Adapted to every patient – a physician can individually set the threshold values for the traffic light display on the Vivatmo me for each patient.


Low FeNO values in the green range show that allergic airway inflammation is unlikely. If asthmatic symptoms remain, it is unlikely that an increase in inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) will lead to improvement.


If the measured FeNO values are in the mid- (yellow) range, a slight allergic airway inflammation is detectable and should be observed. Caution should be exercised in the case of airborne pollen, for example. If symptoms persist it is possible that the dosage of ICS is not sufficient.


If the reading is in the upper (red) range, an allergic airway inflammation is present. An increase in ICS can be considered. A lack of improvement, however, can also be due to insufficient treatment adherence or incorrect inhalation.3

Vivatmo in your asthma patients’ daily lives
How you can benefit from Vivatmo

How does Vivatmo me work?

Using the home use device Vivatmo me, patients can determine the level of the established biomarker nitric oxide (NO) in exhaled breath and thus draw possible conclusions about the degree of respiratory tract inflammation.

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How does FeNO measurement at home work?

Much like at the doctor’s practice, the patient breathes calmly into the Vivatmo me through the disposable mouthpiece. Instructions are received via the LED display on the handheld. After successful measurement, the result is available within a few seconds. FeNO measurement is quick, easy, and non-invasive for your patients

Vivatmo me measurement at home

What do patients do with the readings?

Patients can manage their readings in the device or using the Vivatmo app. The Vivatmo app is a digital asthma diary. This gives patients all the important information about their illness at a glance on their smartphone: FeNO values, symptoms, medication and pollen count data. In addition, a monthly PDF report can be generated and e-mailed to you as their physician.

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What are the advantages of Vivatmo for you and your patients?

Regular FeNO measurement leads to better monitoring of the clinical course and can indicate patients’ adherence to ICS medication. FeNO-based progression monitoring assists therapy management and can help to reduce the frequency of asthma attacks.4,5

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What do the experts say?

“Measuring NO at home allows patients to measure the degree of respiratory inflammation and, on the advice of their physician, optimize therapy with inhaled corticosteroids.”

Prof. Dr. med. Herth, Thoraxklinik Heidelberg, Germany6

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Vivatmo app

pollen forecast
The Vivatmo app also provides information about airborne pollen forecasts in your region, among other things.

The Vivatmo app is an ideal add-on to Vivatmo me. The digital asthma diary allows patients to keep even closer track of their asthma.

The recorded FeNO values are simply transferred to the app via Bluetooth. In this way, the values are always accessible, for example, when discussing the course of the disease with a physician. In addition, patients can record how they are feeling and how much medication they have taken. Patients can therefore see what has influenced the course of their disease, even days or weeks later. However, the app is not only for documentation but also prevention. It provides information, for example, about airborne pollen forecasts for even more confidence in daily activities. The pollen data comes from our cooperation partner, the pollen monitoring service of the Medical University of Vienna.

Bosch has high standards concerning data security and data protection:

  • Protection of personal data is our top priority
  • Pseudonymization and the absence of user registration ensure that diary information cannot be linked with Vivatmo users


Vivatmo app receives PneumoDigital seal of quality by German Airway League

The Vivatmo app was evaluated as a health app by the German Airway League and received the PneumoDigital seal of quality. This is how the association honors pneumological apps that attach great importance on quality, trustworthiness and user-friendliness.

With the increasing importance of the Internet as a source of information, the number of digital health offers is also growing. It is therefore difficult for users to recognize which health apps are useful and trustworthy. For this reason, the German Airway League awards the PneumoDigital seal. It is intended to help users assess the quality and trustworthiness of pneumological apps.

"... Die (Vivatmo) App ist grafisch ansprechend gestaltet, verständlich und gut handhabbar. ... Kurze übersichtliche Einführungen erklären die App und auch das Messgerät. Das Tagebuch unterstützt die Patient*innen beim Umgang mit der Erkrankung. ..."

Read the review of the German Airway League



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6 Prof. Dr. med. Felix Herth, Medical Director of Thoraxklinik Heidelberg, University Hospital Heidelberg, 2016

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