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The innovative measuring principle prevents the sensor from becoming depleted during the permissible number of measurements. During each regeneration period, the sensor surface is cleaned of the different contaminants from the exhaled air and thus optimally prepared for the next measurement. This always ensures a precise measuring result.

A wipe disinfection is sufficient and eliminates the need for further processing or cleaning. The following products have been verified by the manufacturer for wipe disinfection: mikrozid® universal wipes (Co. Schülke).

Nitric oxide (NO) from the mouth and throat has to be separated from the breath sample (fractionated exhaled NO) so that the pure NO from the bronchial tubes is measured. This is ensured by a defined bypass phase before the measurement. Since the NO concentration also depends on the respiratory flow, this is controlled during the breathing maneuver.

Software updates for the pro base station ensure that your system is always up to date. These are naturally provided free of charge.

The Vivatmo pro is calibrated by the manufacturer and does not require any further calibration by the user. However, it is recommended to perform a QC test at regular intervals (see IFU).

The Vivatmo pro The Vivatmo pro can be integrated in administration systems via the HL7 or GDT interface. In this way, the Vivatmo pro can store generated FeNO values in the network, assign them to a patient file, or receive requested FeNO measurements, for example. If a direct connection is not possible, the patient data can be saved on a USB flash drive or in a network folder.

Access to patient data can be protected through access control with a user name and passcode. When measurement orders are transmitted through the network, access should be protected with a user ID and password. The organization that uses Vivatmo is responsible for data security.

The Oxycap is a complex system for processing breath samples and is not suitable for multiple use. After removal from the secondary packaging, it can be used for 15 minutes. Approximately five measuring attempts can therefore be made until a measured value is attained.

The Oxycaps and level 0 mouthpieces can be disposed of in household waste.