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Vivatmo me allergy season offer

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Better monitoring of airway inflammation during the allergy season

Pollen allergies are widespread. At this challenging time of year, asthma patients often find it hard to keep their asthma at bay. Regular FeNO home measurement with Vivatmo me can help you get a better handle on your airway inflammation during the pollen season.

Even if your normal doctor’s visits may not be possible at the moment due to the special circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic, you can still easily share your measured FeNO values with your doctor – with the Vivatmo app.

Bosch is supporting you at this challenging time with a special offer: a Vivatmo me breath analyzer plus 40 disposable mouthpieces for a total price of 299 euros** instead of 574.60 euros.

The Vivatmo me allergy season offer

Vivatmo me starter pack


Like this, you can measure the degree of inflammation of your airways quickly, simply and regularly* from the comfort of your own home.

  • Vivatmo me breath analyzer including 40 disposable mouthpieces (Vivatmo oxycap)
  • Free Vivatmo app with diary function and pollen information
  • Right of return within 2 weeks
  • Free information: Lots of useful tips on how to use the device in the first weeks.



Disposable mouthpiece Vivatmo oxycap

Disposable mouthpiece Vivatmo oxycap


For intelligent preparation of your breath sample for FeNO measurement with Vivatmo me. With this Vivatmo me allergy season offer, we want to support asthma sufferers during this challenging time. At the same time, we are reducing the price for the mouthpieces for a short time from 24.95 euros to 19.95 euros.



Vivatmo me – important information

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How Vivatmo me works

Find out more about the world’s first FeNO breath analyzer for home use. With regular FeNO measurement, you can monitor the degree of inflammation in your lungs quickly and easily, giving you a better handle on the progression of your asthma.

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What is FeNO?

FeNO is an inflammatory marker in the breath. Read more about what FeNO means, why it plays an important role in various inflammatory processes, and why FeNO measurement is an uncomplicated, safe method.

FeNO compared with peak flow

FeNO compared with peak flow

You already regularly measure your peak flow to track the progression of your disease? Learn more about how this differs from FeNO measurement and why FeNO measurement forms an optimal part of asthma monitoring.

What do users say?

Vivatmo me on social media

Read here about Vivatmo me on social media. You can find voices of customers and interesting facts from Vivatmo social media channels on Facebook, Youtube and Co.

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Order online

You can easily order your Vivatmo me, the world’s first FeNO measuring device for home use, and the bespoke disposable mouthpieces here.

* We recommend taking one to two measurements a week during the allergy season. More or fewer measurements can be taken as required.

**While stocks last. Offer limited to normal household quantities.