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Vivatmo for healthcare professionals

V for Vivatmo - For Healthcare professionals

The unique Vivatmo system

A new dimension in the treatment of airway inflammation

Vivatmo me

Vivatmo me

The world’s first FeNO measuring device for home use


  • Patients obtain their FeNO reading directly after taking the measurement. This shows the current degree of airway inflammation, including a trend if this differs clearly from previous readings.
  • Simple traffic light display to help interpret the inflammation value.
  • Handy, mobile, and user-friendly device integrates smoothly into patients’ everyday life.
  • Regular analysis of the airways allows for better management of the inflammatory process in asthma, which can help to optimize therapy and improve adherence.
Vivatmo pro

Vivatmo pro

The intuitive and maintenance-free FeNO measurement device for practices and clinics


  • Quick and easy measurement thanks to intuitive user guidance.
  • Results are available immediately after measurement.
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to cordless handheld measuring device.
  • Optimum and direct integration into practice workflows and clinic IT environment.